“The Cultural Understanding and Empowering Women in IT program, is a great program that equips internationally trained IT professionals with various learning and development opportunities. It is like a “resources HUB” for civic participation, integration, networking and mentorship. It also addresses the barriers that professional newcomer women face and provides them with several enablers to overcome them. I highly recommend the program as a great tool for information on professional and career development!”
Maria El-Chababi – Facilitator/Mentor
Head, Transformation of Information Management and Technology Services/Client Portfolio Manager, Government of Canada

“I strongly recommend the Cultural Understanding and Empowering Women in IT (#cueWIT) program for all newcomer women in technology fields, who desire to understand employment expectations in a Canadian context. If you’re a woman in tech, and you want to boost your career prospects, this program is for you. This extraordinarily resourced program will provide you with essential coaching and training from industry leaders in IT and the key to securing a great job. The women I’ve met in the 2 cohorts have brought their remarkable expertise to Canada, and with this program, will learn how to showcase their global experiences and leverage their skills to benefit themselves, their families, and Canadian society.”
Renata Brum – Facilitator
Retired Senior Citizenship Judge/ Principal, Brum Immigration

“As a seasoned Career Coach and Career Mentor I have witnessed an incredible transformation of the #cueWIT participant’s Professional Introduction, usually from a simple introduction to a more vibrant and passionate one! As they discuss their skills and achievements with confidence! Helping these female IT Professionals with creating statements of what they can offer a potential employer and how they can make a difference in their future career destination has led to a more natural ability in selling their skills to meet organizational needs. I am proud to take such clients through their career journey with the end result of landing their dream job! What a unique and fantastic program that makes a difference in professional women’s lives!”
Doris Haddad - Facilitator/Mentor
MEd Career Counsellor and Master Certified Career Coach (MCCC)

“This program has empowered and helped me understand the Canadian workplace culture better in terms of professional expectations and communicating clearly with the right words! Shukra!”
Cohort 1

Lamia Al Thiab - Iraq

“This program has helped me find my unique voice.”
Cohort 1

Gloria Rhwabahirya - Burundi

“This has been a great program for meeting positive people and it has given me the motivation to be confident in my abilities!”
Cohort 1

Tatyana Yarushin - Moldova

“I feel empowered with clearer ideas on how to be of professional value to Canadian employers, by my marketing my unique international skills confidently in the right language irrespective of my gender. Tanumet!”
Cohort 1

Aeda Abuzreba - Libya

"This program helped me learn more about the importance of civic participation in Canada. The networking sessions with mentors helped me connect with amazing people. Listening to the stories of successful immigrant women has inspired and helped me realize the possibility of reaching my goals!"
Cohort 1

Ghazal Fouladfard - Iran

“My strengths have been reinforced and I now understand the tools and techniques to effectively connect with other professionals in my field Gracias!”
Cohort 1

Mayra Valdivia - Bolivia

"I have to deeply thank the entire team of professionals who supported us on this Program. It was an enriching experience and a great opportunity for integration. This has challenged me in a positive way, and also given me a clearer picture and better understanding of the Canadian labor market. I can now speak about my skills confidently. Thank you so much."
Cohort 1

Doris Garcia - Venezuela

“This program has helped build my self-confidence and grow my professional network. It has helped me understand how I can be of value to potential employers. I am grateful to have been part of the program. Obrigado!”
Cohort 1

Bianca Amaral Dias - Brazil
This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.
Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.
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