Cohort 3


The pandemic was no hindrance as the virtual orientation session for Cohort 3 of the women’s program orientation got off to a great start with 12 participants from 9 countries (Nigeria, Iran, Djibouti, India, Ukraine, Colombia, China, Israel and Brazil). We look forward to an inspiring and knowledge filled journey with them through the next 12 weeks!

Legacy Map

The legacy maps session of the program was facilitated by the amazing Magdalene Cooman an Inspirational Leadership Coach. It was a soul filling, inspiring and impactful session as the participants discussed their soul mission and infinite possibilities when they are intentional in their actions. It was also highly interactive and creative as the women had the opportunity to speak about the vision boards they had created and the paths they hoped to manifest as professional newcomer women in Canada.

Civic Participation - Louise H. Reid

Two informative sessions on Civic participation facilitated by former Senior Citizenship Judge Renata Brum and a Women’s Executive Coach Louise H Reid.The discussions and sharing of experiences during this interactive virtual session touched on power of volunteering for integration into the community and the workforce. A large part of the evening also saw active engagement on the topic of networking as the women were invited to explore the various resources available to connect with people and organizations to open up opportunities in their area of expertise and interest.

Civic Participation - Renata Brum

Group Coaching

It was encouraging to watch the participants stepping up to attempt the first draft of their Professional Introduction and Elevator Pitch at the group coaching session facilitated by Doris Haddad. It was another engaging session that gave the women the opportunity to give feedback on each other’s presentation and providing constructive feedback. They discussed the required skills for successful Information Interviews and how they could apply it to their job search strategies.

Community Conversation Circle

The 3rd Community Conversation Circle, had an awesome panel of experts from notable establishments in Ottawa. It was moderated by Heidi Hauver, CHRE. Participants found the discussion empowering, insightful and valuable. The purpose of this event was partly to create a conversation between the employers and Newcomer women In IT about the challenges and solutions to successfully integrate newcomers into the Canadian #workforce, and also provide an open dialog where newcomers have an opportunity to ask their questions about the Canadian work environment. Mission accomplished!

LinkedIn Workshop

The session on how to use LinkedIn in an effective way was very informative for our clients to enhance their job search strategies, access personal development tools, build professional network and promote their skills using LinkedIn effectively. We were excited to have a LinkedIn Ambassador facilitate the session.

Mentor Orientation and Speed Mentoring Sesssion

The program participants were formally matched with their mentors at a virtual networking and engagement session where the mentors shared their career journeys as immigrants with their new mentees and also give valuable insight as they engaged in the speed mentoring activity which took place shortly after.

Final Thoughts

The Cultural Understanding and Empowering Women in IT program rounded up the 3 cohort program with a panel session titled "Final Thoughts with #cueWIT Facilitators” on Friday, May 22 (1:00-3:00 p.m.). The session was intended to bring all the facilitators on the program at one table to share salient points/issues/take-homes with participants from all three cohorts and also create an opportunity for the participants to engage the facilitators formally one last time and ask their unique questions. This event attended by 30 participants and guests was the last curtain call for the program which wraped up in May 2020..
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