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IT Training

The IT training consists of 10 modules:

An intensive introduction to ICT project management. Learn the 5 phases and 9 knowledge areas of importance related to working in the technology industry

  • Roles of IT employees
  • Employer expectations
  • Project life cycles
  • Management methodologies

An overview of the terminology, roles, processes and best practices defined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

  • 6 knowledge areas and how business analysis skills relate to working in the technology industry
  • Experience the challenges and subtleties of business analysis through practical examples

Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current “high demand” skills imperative in today’s technology labour market

  • Conduct research
  • Gain knowledge of required technical skills
  • Discover how to find gainful employment in IT

This module will provide an overview of:

  • Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Emerging Threats
  • Canadian Cyber Security Employment Sectors, Organizations andGeneration Products and Services
  • Analysis of Cyber Security Work Roles, Knowledge, AbilitiesTransferable Skills
  • Cyber Security Education, Training and Certification

Insight into the local ICT labour market with a focus on relevant technical / professional skills as they relate to current industry demand

  • New paradigm IT business models,, cloud computing, mobileand professional services
  • Analysis of new ICT occupations, skill gaps, training strategies and…..

Develop your career transition plan for the Canadian market

  • Breakdown of the IT market
  • Professions within the industry
  • Competence profile and skill metric
  • Formulation of effective job search strategies

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Although conflicts often seen as negative, it can actually be positive when handled properly

  • What conflict is? When conflict occurs? Why it can be good?
  • What is the best approach to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome when dealing with conflict?

What is culture? Why is culture and diversity important in conflict management? Explore the answers through workplace-related topics

  • Cultural iceberg
  • Review of cultural dimensions
  • Characteristics of a multicultural Canadian workplace
  • Working with cultural differences
  • Strategies for communicating across diversity

This interactive module provides language tools for you to confidently discuss and understand workplace topics and situations

  • Workplace terminology
  • Pronunciation techniques
  • Building confidence through tailored workplace simulations and case studies

Designed to present a model for developing documentation in a high level IT environment so that IT professionals will be able to apply them to various deliverables in different formats

  • Documentation in the software and IT industries
  • Methods applied to producing documentation in any technical discipline
  • Understand the documentation process
  • Create a usable outline for document delivery

The Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace (NaviCanIT) class at In-TAC, provides the latest information on the current labor market, and knowledge about some IT fields such as Cybersecurity and Business analysis. The people in In-TAC are very friendly and helpful.

Hao Wu, Mobile Application Developer

At In-TAC you will have a successful integration experience. Their services helped me in every step, to start my professional life here in Canada. They provided outstanding services, such as: individual counseling, job referral, interview preparation, and understanding emerging IT trends and the local labour market. In-TAC services empowered me to become independent, confident and gave me a distinct advantage in job hunting.

Kahina Chelli, Software Developer

I relocated from New Brunswick to Ottawa to find more job opportunities. I signed up with In-TAC, hoping to bypass the online job application process, and get direct access to hiring managers. In-TAC has a good relationship with many small/medium local businesses, and this helps quickly match employers to candidates. The first employer they referred me to, offered me a full-time job. I would highly recommend In-TAC. You never need to worry about quality of their services, just rest assured, follow the steps, and you will reach your goal.

Leon Yang Li, Technical Project Manager