Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace

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Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace (NaviCanIT) is a bridge-to-work program for internationally educated ICT professionals (IEPs).

This unique training program was designed to assist participants in their career transitions. The IEPs will be exposed to the local Canadian workplace culture, business practices, and professional ethics, improve their communication skills, and connect to the local labor market.

This program will also connect IEPs with the local ICT employers to develop a seamless, two-way, win-win, integration process.

  • Understand Canadian workplace culture and improve workplace communication skills
  • Keep in sync with current trends in the ICT industry
  • Learn how to grow your professional network in the ICT
  • Connect directly with hiring employers

Upcoming & Current Training Schedule


October 13th, 2020 – January 6, 2021

Monday – Thursday  8:00pm-9:30pm

Saturday 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Format: Online


  • Permanent residents, convention refugees, and naturalized citizens of Canada

  • IT background from the country of origin

  • English level at CLB 7 or above

Navigating the Canadian IT workplace


I relocated from New Brunswick to Ottawa to find more job opportunities. I signed up with In-TAC, hoping to bypass the online job application process, and get direct access to hiring managers. In-TAC has a good relationship with many small / medium local businesses, and this helps quickly match employers to candidates. The first employer they referred me to, offered me a full-time job. I would highly recommend In-TAC. You never need to worry about the quality of their services, just rest assured, follow the steps, and you will reach your goal.

Leon Yang Li, Technical Project Manager

The Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace (NaviCanIT) class at In-TAC, provides the latest information on the current labor market, and knowledge about some IT fields such as Cybersecurity and Business analysis. The people in In-TAC are very friendly and helpful.

Hao Wu, Mobile Application Developer

At In-TAC you will have a successful integration experience. Their services helped me in every step, to start my professional life here in Canada. They provided outstanding services, such as individual counseling, job referral, interview preparation, and understanding emerging IT trends and the local labor market. In-TAC services empowered me to become independent, confident, and gave me a distinct advantage in job hunting.

Kahina Chelli, Software Developer
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